Monday, March 19, 2018

Working On Little House In The Ozarks Day 16

 So, this week I am working on the sunroom.
I should just keep recycling this photo,
because today I patched, sanded and primed.
And it looked like this.
Tomorrow I will repaint the white trim.
And it will look like this.
Wednesday I will roll the walls.
 And it will look like this.
I like the white walls, they just needed a refresher coat.

 And I played outside a little.
I am working on two rock gardens.
(Who am I kidding? Every garden
around here is a rock garden).
The one pictured above has three tiers,
and today I just worked on the bottom tier.

 This doesn't look like much, but it will.
I am creating a stone "berm" using rocks that
were around the trees and light poles.

Here you can see the location of the "berm" to the house.
The area on the right of the berm (with concrete) has an 
electrical outlet.  So I might be able to incorporate a fountain
or water feature.


  1. Those are some fancy lights for a little house. I love rocks. We pick them up if we see them out in the woods.
    They are not all over the place here like in some states.

    1. rocks everywhere here. obviously, that is why the house is stone. some really cool ones, and lots of fossils. tough to plant things, very little soil


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