Monday, March 12, 2018

Working On The Little House In The Ozarks Day 9

 My son came for the day to lend a hand,
so we did some mother / son bonding over paint.
We launched into what will be the "office".

 We cleaned the walls, sanded and patched them.
Then he painted the trim while I cut in the wall color.
Notice TWO ceiling fans in one tiny room -- that
will be one of the first things to change .....

 and the rock wall with fiberboard shelving will be the other one.

 Since it is exciting for me to go anywhere these days,
I took my camera on our hardware store trip.
This is my new local hardware store, how cute is it?
But the excitement was not over for the day ....

 Lowe's arrived with my new fridge.
(Had to take the solid oak front door off to bring it in.
And then it took the three of us to get it on again.)

After all that he still posed for me.
So thrilling to upgrade from a dorm fridge.


  1. Very exciting to get every little part done. We laid some tile in the master shower last night. Just as exciting for me. Been waiting a long time for this to get finished.

    1. You are right. Every step that actually gets completed, is so exciting. I know how long it took us to get some of these things done at our other house (30 years), so every project we can get done at the outset of owning this house just gives us more time to enjoy it.


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