Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chalk Paint Monday -- Coffee Table Redo

Monday we had a break in the weather.  We've been in a cycle of rain or threat of rain for weeks now.  So time to get out the chalk paint and go to town (actually just go to the back patio.)  I had purchased around 20 frames at the auction I attended Saturday (click here to check out last weekend's vintage finds).

All needed painting -- I used two shades of DIY ivory (one was a Behr mistint called "Rain Forest Dew" - love the name).

I also bought a small coffee table at the auction -- which also was a perfect chalk paint candidate. 

It fit my criteria for furniture:
cheap * well made * lightweight * vintage * character

I love how the paint made the decoration pop.
And I dug out some terra cotta pots and metal planters that needed a swipe.  Of course I couldn't resist the impulse to do some stamping on them, sadly no picts.
After I used it to dry the frames,
the 6' ladder also got dry brushed.
Once you make a mess, you might as well go whole-hog.
(Do they say that outside of the Midwest?)
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