Sunday, May 3, 2015

Enchanted Fairy Garden Workshop

Barb at the Rusty Chandelier is always trying to get people to do a workshop on something.  I could never really think of anything that I thought was a good subject matter for me, until she suggested I do one on Fairy Gardens. 

They are SOO much fun to make.

I had actually been collecting old roasting pans for about a year.  I had decided they make the very best fairy garden base.  They don't rust.  Great size.  Easy to cart around by the handles.

 I had already purposed in my heart to make at least ten this spring.  So why not bring all the supplies, and have the "students" be able to personalize their own?

I brought the roasting pans already filled with soil and ready to roll. Other items that I provided: pea gravel,  interesting rocks, marbles, blue glass for water, shells, a Fairy House (which can be personalized) for each garden, a variety of hardy succulents, small & hearty blooming annuals, "yard" signs, bird baths, gazing balls, fences, a flag banner, and a wide collection of miniature figures and decorations.

This was my "example" Fairy Garden.

The workshop was outside of the Rusty Chandelier last Saturday.  There was a nice break in the rain and the temperature was perfect.

End results were happy people...
and happy fairies.
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