Saturday, May 2, 2015

Des Moines Junk Jubilee Journal

So much junking going on that I haven't had a chance to conclude a post about the trip Katie and I made from Lincoln to the Des Moines Junk Jubilee.  That's right, we drove we our full vanload of treasures right from garage sale mania in Lincoln (click here to see post on leg one of our trip) to Junk Jubilee in Des Moines. The two cities make a perfect triangle from where we live. 

We arrived in Des Moines Thursday night.  Went downtown to Zombie Burger - yum. 

Made a quick stop at Architectural Salvage because I had seen it on an episode of The Bachelor and thought it was so cool.

Paid for "early bird" tickets that got us in to Junk Jubilee at 8:00 AM on Friday.  (It was money very well spent).  We drooled, browsed and bought before the big crowd hit at 10 AM.  This was the residual line at 10:30 AM, as we were leaving!

This was my favorite booth,
RETECH upcycled industrial lighting.  So creative.

If you look at the monitor really closely,
you can see Katie and I grinning in awe at this creation.

So much inspiration.
So much junk,
so little time.

Had a good laugh when we found my camera which I had lost in Lincoln.  (I made Katie take all of our Des Moines picts.)  When we were cutting the ropes that held junk on top of the van upon our arrival home, Katie found my camera loosely wedged under the back luggage rack.  It had ridden there for hundreds of miles, several downpours and still worked!

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