Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day City-Wide Garage Sale

A small town near us had their city-wide garage sale on Memorial Day.  Probably because of threat of rain there were fewer sales than normal, but the same hoard of shoppers.  I took my son along, who was home for the weekend and we had a good time together.

On the second lap around the little town I had about given up on finding anything exciting.  Then I noticed a garage open that was tucked away and didn't have the sign out yet -- this was the one that I was looking for.  No one else had noticed it yet.  Except for some books that I bought for my son, everything else came from this single sale.

Signed four color 1851 woven coverlet, stunning.  Going on ebay soon.

Perhaps this was the old bed frame that the coverlet graced. Not sure how to market that.  It weighs a ton...

for now it is resting in my shed.
Two cool old balls of twine.
(Even she is intimidated by them.)
Red wheelbarrow,
so I can make one of my famous triple stacks. 

Tall wooden ladder that I had my husband cut into two sections. 

Walking stick / yard stick combo with great Ford advertising.  Also heading for ebay.

Box of doorknobs to die for, probably another ebay candidate. 

One good sale is all it takes!

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