Sunday, May 24, 2015

Family Affair Junk Reorganization

In-laws are coming tonight.  They are from a different part of the country and only visit every few years (we usually visit them).  So it is important to make a good impression (really, just to not make a bad impression). 

So this week I cleaned up my outside "work" area
and disguised it as a patio.

My sons and daughter-in-law arrived yesterday.  The guys are great for heavy lifting, and don't whine like they did when they lived at home.  So...we saved the back porch and antique shed reorganization for them.   Let's call it a family bonding activity.

My antique shed is only 8x10' but it is amazing how much can be stuffed into that space if you go about it methodically.

And the back porch...

words cannot express how much I enjoy looking at
(and sitting on) it when it looks like this.

Don't be too impressed -- the other half of the back porch still looks like this.

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