Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Got Junk? Last Weekends Vintage Finds

I do.  Have junk that is.  And loads of it.  Last Friday I went to Nebraska to fetch what I had left there in April (because of lack of room in the van.)  Click here to see post from that trip.

This is my favorite item that I bought for resale in Lincoln in April and just got it home.  It will decorate my yard until I figure out how to market it.

I loaded up the runoff from April and purchased more besides for a full load. 

This is my favorite item that I bought in Lincoln last Friday.  This little dresser is about 15" tall and has amazing hand painted drawers.

I unloaded everything Friday night as soon as I got home.

Saturday morning my husband and I went to a small town city-wide garage sale event.

We came home with the second vanload of the weekend.

(With an emphasis on Christmas, which I love.)

We had about 10 minutes to unload that before I took off to an auction for the rest of the day.

I "only" picked up about half a load at the auction.
Over 20 frames.

These helpful young men helped me load.

There is stuff everywhere and in-laws coming next weekend.  Eek.

Tons of sorting / painting / pricing / stashing to be done. 

We want to appear normal, after all.

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  1. LOVE IT ALL!!! So...Nebraska is a gold mine?

  2. Lincoln is good, less dealers than around here per square mile.

  3. WOW - I love seeing other people's treasures. I have been junkin much lately and you are feeding my desire!!! Great finds kim @ huntandhost

  4. Wow, my kind of stuff! Love that sweet little dresser. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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