Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Meant For Mint Planter

Did you ever have one of those projects that just seemed to materialize before your eyes with no prior planning?  One that kinda choose you?

I was at Michael's for a different projects when I saw these textured metal letters on sale for 44 cents each.  Problem was...there were only Ns & Ts.  My brain worked quickly to figure if I cut an N through the center and flipped one side it could be a letter M. M,N,T.  Mint.  Cute on a planter. (These days my thought process is either "Cute on a planter" or "Cute as a planter").  Ok, throw them in the cart and worry about it another day.

Fast forward to later the SAME day...I am zipping in to the Rusty Chandelier and a friend wanted me to look at something in her outdoor booth.  While visiting her booth I saw that she was selling...Mint plants.  I kid you not.  I bought a couple and decided I would worry about it another day.

A couple days later when I took the letters out of the sack, I realized they were bigger than I could use on most of the containers that I plant in.  But I had a leftover roasting pan from my Fairy Garden Workshop.  One with nice squarish sides.  I attached the letters (and junk) with nuts and bolts.  Perfect. 

I planted the mint with a border of lovely blue lobelia.  Step back.  Nice.  I love it when an unplanned plan comes together.

Selling it at The Rusty Chandelier, north of St Joseph MO at the intersection of Hwy 71 and I-29.

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  1. So cute. I am getting ready to work on my outdoors, this is a great idea to borrow...thanks!


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