Tuesday, May 26, 2015

TWO Married Metal Industrial Shelves

About a month ago I sold a cute little red wagon (top only) that I had plunked on to what I would call a metal aquarium stand.  It was a great combo and sold immediately, no photo.

I loved the "married" look so now I'm on the prowl for industrial looking bases that I can play matchmaker with some appropriately rusty, dusty top.  Of course, that means I am looking out for "tops" as well.  I finally came up with TWO sets this week.

First is a base I found in my neighbor's area at the Outdoor Store of the Rusty Chandelier.  I had some already cut wood pieces that just laid nicely across two bottom "shelves".

Second is a base I brought home from Lincoln a couple weeks ago, and it's green metal soulmate (top) was here waiting for it.  I had it turned "up" kind of like a tray.  But my husband reassembled it in my outdoor booth with the top down, and someone must have liked it that way because it sold immediately.

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  1. Love this project. It would make a fun planting table. Please come share your blog posts over at the Home Matters Linky Party! We'd love to have you for a visit. The Door is OPEN. http://lifewithlorelai.com/2015/05/28/home-matters-linky-party-39/ :)

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